Amir Khadir’s Classic Fit Trap Dress Pant by HUGO BOSS


According to unnamed sources who wish to remain anonymous, Amir Khadir acquired these pants at a 70% premium on retail. He received them as a spontaneous gift while travelling privately in Ontario. No sources were available to confirm whether or not this is true. The province of Ontario declined to comment.

These classic Hugos’ are nothing but a most obvious attempt to impress and to attract attention from lobbyists on his walks through the assembly… Any hotel or establishment for that matter that has a lobby. Mr. Khadir was unavailable to go on record about his pants or to comment on his alleged love of any public lobby but undoubtedly has some good taste in “waist to legwear”.

Amir khadirs hugoboss Classic_Fit_Trap_Dress_Pant_by_BOSS_Black_Trap_50228700_0

We are still unable to retrieve any council or any speculation on the origins or status of his belt but we have heard unconfirmed rumors that he has a small to medium sized collection of Cole Haans (without lifts) and always in black.

It is also rumored that it was these exact pants in the image above he was wearing in his living room when he was informed about his daughters troubles with the law. We are sorry to hear about such events and we do not take interest in political family affairs. Mainly pants… or shorts if you got em’.

-Hotz Stories


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