Pauline Maroi’s Chanel Pants Suit ND29 Custom

pauline marois

Quebec Premiere Pauline Marois can often be caught sporting a smart and classy Chanel pants suit but rarely photographed in her full attire. Mainly the podium gets in the way of the shot.

When the Chanel Custom Shoppe was asked if they would comment on the special construction of her suit they declined any knowledge of the existence of the garment.

According to anonymous sources, the pants suit has been completely made of a jet black ND29 Fabric specially made by Apex Mills for Pauline and the automotive industry alike. This automotive and military grade weave is of the highest of quality knits available for legal purchase in the North American market and believe me, it suits her.

chanel pants suitPants suits are smart and sharp. Speaking of sharpness, this garment is entirely stab proof and is projectile resistant unless the assailant is armed with silver tipped bullets… Nothing can be done about that.

Chanel looks great on Pauline in elevators as well as in assembly or wherever the lobbyists choose to hang out that day. She can be camera ready and classy in 30 seconds flat with her custom spec. Chanel pants suit.

It is rumored to have reinforced Kevlar cuffs for “l’hiver de chez nous!” and an ample neckline to display a tasteful cross pendant for when at home or around like minded people.

We still have not received any information on her shoe selection. However we have heard through the grapevine that she shares the exact same dress size with the less popular Hermann Goering… That is neither here nor there.

If you have any information regarding any of Paulines’ more recent pants we would be happy to hear from you.

-Hotz Stories


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